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Opened STIC IT Lab and Launched Official Website

Wednesday, 2011 June 15
Opened STIC IT Lab and Launched Official Website.

Thomian Visitation 2011

“Thomian Visitation” at Seeduwa :

“Thomian visitation” organized by the staff and students of St. Thomas’ Catholic International College, Seeduwa was held on Saturday the 4th June, beginning from St. Anthony’s Shrine, Liyanagemulla to the College.

The students and their parents took part in the colourful procession carrying the Statue of Our Lady and were joined by two members from the Sri Lankan cricket team; Malinda Warnapura and Dhammika Prasad.

The two cricketers were welcomed by the College Rector Rev. Fr. Kennedy Perera, The event was marked by a Raffle draw which offering many valuable prizes even a brand new bike.

The “Thomian visitation” was held to given and experience of the unique new tradition of Catholic International education, promoting religious.